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leave the crm in place,


Simplify your Pipeline with Saleslook

Saleslook was created to make sales management easy. With our App, individuals and businesses can focus on what they do best, which is generating revenue.


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After implementing the Saleslook methodology our sales grew 34% over the previous year 

Daniel C. Loney, President

Loney Financial


By Sales, for Sales

Meet Saleslook - The Ultimate Sales Management App

At saleslook, we understand that in sales, every second counts. That's why we've developed an App that helps you get more done in less time. 
Our intuitive platform was designed by salespeople, for salespeople. Our system simplifies the Pipeline and allows you to focus on what really matters – closing deals.











Efficient Sales Pipeline

Efficient Sales Pipeline

Save Time  Increase Sales

Save Time

Increase Sales

 Analytics  Reports



Somewhere between clunky spreadsheets and the time-consuming, complexity of CRM's lives a salesperson that knows how to get true return on their investment of sales time. Their best friend is Pipeline Management Software called Saleslook.

Do you know what your sales time is worth?

- Ian Selbie

A Better Way to Track Sales

With Saleslook, efficiency and speed allow your team to concentrate on sales. Our software simplifies the sales process, making it easy to close more deals and generate revenue.


the Complex 

Saleslook was created to simplify the sales process and remove the burden of long and complex admin.


With Saleslook, individuals and businesses can focus on what they do best, which is generating revenue. We streamline your Pipeline so that you can close more deals with ease.

Workflow That's
Fast and Simple

Keep your existing CRM in place and maintain all your regulatory and compliance mandates.

Use Saleslook to track all of your sales with speed and efficiency and increase revenue.

A man using Saleslook on a laptop
Search Menu

Update your Sales anywhere

Saleslook is multi-platform and can be updated quickly and easily anywhere on laptop, desktop or phone.

Sales Managers can view and have REAL-TIME access to all of their teams Pipeline.

Features & Benefits

Efficient, Effective, Easy.
Saleslook: The Pipeline Solution You've Been Waiting For!

Saleslook's software offers a range of features to help you manage your sales pipeline effectively. From your Salesplan, Analytics Reports to Team View, it has it all.

Our software is designed to make sales management easy. With Saleslook, you can focus on what you do best - generating revenue.


Saleslook Clients

Why Choose Saleslook?

"After implementing the Saleslook methodology our sales grew 34% over the previous year."

Dan Loney

President: Loney Financial

 Dan Loney - Loney Financial 

Dan Loney
President: Loney Financial

After implementing the Saleslook methodology our sales grew 34% over the previous year.

Kevin Heaney
VP Sales: Vodafone

Saleslook Consulting helped outsell our competitors by a 30 to 1 margin and sign record-breaking contracts.

Mark Hanlon
COO: Bell

Our recent success is in large part due to the Saleslook methodology and software.

Peter Murphy
President & CEO: Epic Data

Saleslook methodologies are an integral framework in which we rely on every day to compete and manage the sales organization.

Kevin Jampole
COO: Software Imaging

Saleslook methodology and CRM software have brought consistency and accuracy to improve our top-line sales process.

Betsy Gibbons
The Caldwell Partners

Saleslook training addressed our needs. We found the tools & coaching paying off with more structure in our sales process & strategies.

Duncan Emslie
Empire Financial Group

Saleslook training and coaching have left a legacy that is a good part of the reason we are successful today.

Geoff Davenport: VP Sales
Radiant Communications

In every case, Saleslook training, coaching and tools have improved sales and effectiveness on an ongoing basis.


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