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Use our Knowledge Base to get started with Saleslook and find tutorials.

Getting Started

1. The Pipeline

  1. The default Home page within Saleslook, aka; the Pipeline (the Sales Funnel) is a graphical view of your sales deals.

  2. The Pipeline is a specific methodology (detailed in the Pipeline Process guide) that when followed, enables Sales success.

  3. We populate the Pipeline by entering Opportunities and then tracking them through the Pipeline till Closed.

  4. Before entering an Opportunity we must first ensure that a Client or Lead has been input into Saleslook. There are two methods for doing so. The first is done via the relevant Clients or Leads menu bar option. The second can be accomplished when adding an Opportunity directly.

2. Add New Client (method 1)

  1. To add a new Client select Clients from the menu bar. This will take you to the Clients page view.

  1. Select New Client +  to display the New Client window.

  2. Enter the relevant information and select Create.

  3. You can also enter a New Client directly from within the Add Opportunity + window. See Option 4 below.

3. Add New Lead

  1. To add a new Lead, select Leads from the menu bar. This will take you to the Leads page view.

  1. Select New Lead +  to display the New Lead window.

  2. Enter the relevant information and select Create.

4. Add Opportunity

  1. To input a new Opportunity select Add Opportunity + from the menu bar.

  1. Select Client/Lead * from the Account drop-down box and select your Client/Lead from the list.

  2. Alternatively begin typing your Client/Lead in the Search bar to select.

  3. If your Client/Lead is not shown you can add this directly without using the menu bar options by entering the name and selecting + New Client (Method 2 of adding a new Client).

  4. Enter any relevant information in the remaining boxes and then select Create. Your new Opportunity will now be displayed in the Pipeline.

1. The Pipeline
2. Add New Client
3. Add New Lead
4. Add Opportunity
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